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We realized that the full kit can be expensive. We tried to figure out an alternative so that it is cheaper but still just as effective. The main costs for us are buying bottles and massive amounts of ingredients, and big boxes and shipping supplies. Also by the time we are done the product weighs 4+lbs per box and it is NOT cheap to ship.

So we decided that if we could get the hard-to-find active ingredients (THE EXACT SAME ONES IN HEAD LICE CURE) and put them in a small bottle (HEAD LICE REMEDY PRE-MIX) we could save you a lot of money. All you have to do is buy the active ingredients that we will send and dilute it with a non-active ingredient that you probably have at home!

You do the work. We save on packaging and a lot of shipping. It gets to you in 2 days! Everybody is happy.

In addition, PayPal offers discounts to new sign-ups. This is offered by PayPal and is not affiliated with us but you can get the discount through PayPal and wind up only paying $14.99 on a product that is already inexpesive at $19.99.

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