Here is what you need:

  • Our Lice Help Concentrate (provided in dropper bottle)
  • Mineral Oil (about 3 - 16oz bottles per person)
  • Old Towels
  • OPTIONAL: Liquid Dish Detergent (USA: Dawn liquid or Ajax liquid dish soap is best)


Here is how you make the complete solution:

Shake 1 drop of Lice Help Concentrate per 1 oz (30 ml) of mineral oil, baby oil or White Oil (outside USA). Example: 16 oz. mineral oil will take 16 drops of Lice Help Concentrate. Now you have the complete Lice Help Fully Mixed Solution…It’s that easy!


  • Take solution and pour on child’s DRY head of hair until covered. This is best done over a sink, utility tub, bath tub or similar basin. Use just enough to saturate all hair on head.
  • Scrub into head as if shampooing. Be sure to cover all of the hair. The solution is very oily. Cover shoulders with towel to prevent from dripping
  • Wash your hands with a grease fighting soap.
  • For best results let set on child’s head as-is for 2 hours preceding bed time. (This is optional but helps to expedite the entire process)
  • Towel dry hair leaving hair oily but not over oily. Do not wash or attempt to clean off solution at this time.
  • Leave a light covering of solution on child’s head!
  • Lay a towel over the child’s pillow and let them sleep until morning.
  • In morning (or minimum 6 hours later), wash hair. **Most have had great results shampooing with a grease fighting LIQUID dishwashing soap and detergent (In the USA: Ajax Liquid or Dawn works great). Do not get in eyes! USE THIS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!** You may use your own shampoo instead of a liquid dish soap.
  • Then shampoo with child’s regular shampoo.
  • Repeat every other day (11 treatments) for best results.